Bus311 Week 1

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Leadership and Management 1 Leadership and Management Jason T. Heilman BUS311: Organizational Behavior Mr. Michael Sefransky September 2012 Leadership and Management 2 Is there a difference between leadership and management? This question is often asked with varying answers. I believe leadership and management are two completely different things and both are required in order for an organization to be successful. Leadership is often referred to as a relationship between the company leaders and those under them. Leadership involves identifying the talents of your employees, motivating them, coaching them and establishing trust with them. Effective leaders motivate their employees to want to follow them. Management refers to the people who perform…show more content…
Under this relationship, leaders identify the specific talents of each of their employees, motivate them and coach them towards utilizing their talents effectively. Leaders are also responsible for building trust between them and their subordinates. Leaders involve guiding a group of people toward achieving the best result in and a company. The leadership of a company mainly involves creating a vision for the company. It involves modeling the vision, forming teams, influencing them and aligning people to achieve the set goals. Leadership bears the responsibility of inspiring people and producing meaningful changes in the company. Leadership is therefore responsible for positioning people and organizations in the right positions. A good leader has the ability to articulate a vision and assign the right people the right tasks based on their talents. Leaders motivate their subordinates and in return obtain outstanding results from their employees. Leaders communicate the company’s vision to the employees and inspire them
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