Understand How to Establish an Effective Team

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Understand how to establish an effective team. AC. 1.1 The benefits of effective working relationship in developing and maintaining the team Establishing and maintaining good work relationships critical to business success. It is important that good relationships exist between the team members and between the team and the manager. Good working relationship can benefits of more effective team work and improved morale by • Good communication between team and manager-this ensure that information is passed in to all members. Increases team’s effectiveness and satisfaction as they are given the appropriate guidelines. Team members understands each other better, are more willing to share their ideas give support to each other. • Common goals- by setting clear company mission team members understands what they need to achieve. Employees must know what to do, how to do it or where to turn for help. Manager should offer training and give feedback on effectiveness of the team’s work. • Clear roles. As the team works together to reach their goals they also should know what role they are doing and what are their responsibilities. By giving roles members of a team feel more involved in the team. • Power to make decision, allowing people to make a decision, to handle own part of project they will usually work better, will respect each other. Giving freedom in decision making manager shows that he trust and respect employees. • Mutual trust. Members of team trust each other to do their job, will do it correctly without letting other members down. • Respect differences. Team respect each other differences. Team members accept different opinions, skills, knowledge. Poor working relationship brings • lower productivity, poor customer service which reduces profits • dishonesty and poor morale • destructive conflicts • stress • dishonesty

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