Respect And Professionalism

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Respect and professionalism Professionalism isn't just a set of appearances like neatness or good grooming, nor is it just technical skill, many technically skilled people are not really professional. In their daily work, whatever it may be, real professionals show these inner strengths and attitudes like, sound judgment, know-how, business savvy, mature responsibility, problem-solving, perseverance and ingenuity, along with what people call "class." This is true for anyone, any honest work can be done professionally. Professionals show self-respect in their work. They're aware that their work reflects their inner character. Their work is a statement of their personal commitment to excellence of performance. They don't see work as just a job to be done or just a source of "spending money." They see work as service to others. They labor toward the betterment of other people, directly or indirectly: employers, colleagues, patients. Professionals have respect for experience and also respect the experience of others; they have high regard for professionalism in other lines of work. They have an ongoing need to learn and improve. They know how to use the powers of other professionals to strengthen their own performance. They seek out sound advice and generally follow it. They tend to see problems as challenges and opportunities, not burdensome "hassles" to be avoided. They have a long-term habit of approaching problems confidently and optimistically. They don't let indecision or fear of failure lead to paralysis. They do the best they can with what they have. They have a high level of personal responsibility and respect for others' rights. They have a clear sense of the limits to their authority and rights of operation. They don't meddle in others' affairs or criticize in areas where they have neither, rights or expertise. So, professionals are unafraid to say,
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