Effective Team Communication

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Running Head: EFFECTIVE TEAM COMMUNICATION Effective Team Communication: A tool for a successful team Maria L. Rollings University of Phoenix Abstract Communication is used continuously through our personal and professional connections as part of our everyday way of life. Improving one’s communication skill is a responsibility that must be considered a never ending goal to be effective. Constant practice and applying all three methods of communication skills will help develop successful relationships within a team. Patience, flexibility, and one’s willingness to compromise are qualities that promote efficient communication skills. The importance of effective communication learned from teambuilding or workshops will predictably enhance a team’s success. Effective Team Communication: A tool for a successful team Conversing is a skill used in our daily routines, whether talking to a family member, interacting with a perfect stranger, or speaking to a colleague at work. “Communication is central to the way humans work, and because it comes naturally, we do not spend enough time thinking about how to do it properly” (BNET Editorial, 2007, para. 1). Dialogue with a family member and a stranger can be informal but communication within the workplace is much more proper. Companies consider project collaboration as good business practice so effective communication is a requirement for success. Having effective communication skills is crucial when working with a team of individuals. Confidence is one example of a good communication skill. By showing self confidence when dealing with different personalities that composed a team, the outcome of the task assigned is much more manageable to predict. Knowing how to convey the role and responsibilities assigned to each individual is essential so each member of the group understands what is required of them.
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