Manage Work Priorities

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Manage Personal Work Priorities And Professional Development 1. What makes a good role model and how would I ensure that I acted as a role model for employees I supervise? A good role model should be strong, hard working, committed, consistently demonstrating leadership qualities in behavioral values and actions. By always maintaining a good positive attitude at all times, committed to encouraging, communicating and empowering others to establish direction in the work place to strive together to reach goals and objectives. Being reliable, consistent and accountable for the organization your working for, creating long term visions for company growth. I act as a good role model for the team that I supervise by treating them all equal individuals and by communicating to know them a bit better and them getting to know me. I can understand their strengths and weaknesses, this allows me to set challenges, goals or time out for training to develop better skills to be more competent workers. EG; I had some bad feed back from a client about her eyebrow wax. She was not happy as they were two different shapes. After fixing the eyebrow wax for the client, I delegated for training so that my team and I could reflect and go over techniques regarding to eyebrow shaping, what wax was used, different shaped brows for different shaped faces and how to improve this method to become better at what we do, so the team and I can produce beautiful defined eyebrows. I’m motivated, passionate and dedicated to achieving results for myself as well as individuals and the shop as well. I always have a lot of energy for the as I love my job. Help is always there if needed, that’s what a team is all about. 2. What are the traits of an effective leader? Do I have these traits? How do I develop these traits? Good traits of an effective leader are being able to take risks and arise to new
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