Effective Leadership Qualities

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INTRODUCTION Are you born a leader or are you natured to be one? There are various qualities that make up an effective leader. It is in my opinion that these elements are identified whether you are born a leader or you are raised to be one. I trust that by testing the following elements, you are bound to be an inborn or ingrown leader. 1. NEVER LET ANYONE FIGURE YOU OUT Once you become predicable, you become vulnerable. Great leaders keep there entire operation on their toes, they are the individuals that thrive in business. Never respond to the daily situations the same way, everyday. Once your team members think that they know how you will respond or react to common everyday events, they then believe that they have figured you out. Never let this happen. Don't come to work at the same time everyday, don't leave and return for lunch at the same time everyday, don' hire and terminated based on the same strategies everyday. Don't always market your products the same way. 2. LIVE LIFE, LEARN TO LOVE AND LEAVE A LEGACY First; an effective leader will live their lives to the fullest. For example, put God first, then family, and then their job. Structure is clearly defined and their life becomes meaningful. Live your life so that joy, peace, and the truly important things that your life has to offer are always there for you. Secondly, an effective leader learns everything they can at every given moment. Education is motivation and knowledge is acquired is fuel for their business success. The more you learn, the more that you can teach, and the more that you can teach, the faster you become a mentor. Thirdly, an effective leader has love in his/her life. You have two separate areas of your life; business life and personal life. Once you leave the office, your emotional love of someone or something must come into you world. Whether it is your family,

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