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Motivational Program Proposal PSY 201 June 25, 2013 Facilitator: Jennifer Amond Motivational Program Proposal As an owner of a manufacturing company I noted that the attitude of my employees were not as I expected after taking a climate survey. I noted that the moral of my employee were at an all-time low; I resolved that something had to be done if I wanted productivity level to increase in my department. My people needed a moral boost, and I had to do something fast; the life my company is depending on it. Therefore, I developed a motivation plan to restore the moral of my employees. My motivational proposal plan will be based on intrinsic motivation. The purpose of the employee motivational…show more content…
Employee Motivation Theory Often times companies that struggle with the relationship between the employees and the goals of the organization; sometimes the moral of its employee is thread that sets the relationship apart. Managers have made several failed attempts to establish that relationship with the employee to knit them together with the goals of the organization. Therefore, the company level of accomplishments is diminished. A good manager has learned good people skills, and often times he/she is able to motivate their employees to increase their output. It is important to be able to penetrate any barriers that the employee may have as a defense mechanism. A good manager of people realizes that once you have found an entry point into their employees heart; it is likely that the manager will be successful in motivating the employee. Because people have different personalities not all things goes as planned when you are attempting to motivate your employees. An excerpt from an article on states: “Developing understanding of personality typology, personality traits, thinking styles and learning styles theories is also a very useful way to improve your knowledge…show more content…
It is equally important that you motivate the team just as you have motivated the individual team member. As the team is encouraged constantly throughout the performance a task it is likely that they will be successful. Team building is like coaching a team. As the team faces opposition and low morale the coach realizes that If he/she desires to lead that team to victory; then a motivational pep talk is necessary to build their self-esteem and refocus on the goal of the team. Therefore, the manager has to continue build his team by encouraging and giving his team constant pep talks. Sometimes a team is motivated by rewards, recognitions, incentives, and bonuses; therefore , the team will rally towards the common goal to accomplish it. Workshops Employers have recognized that continued training is another effective method to assist in motivating their employees to perform at a higher level of productivity. Workshops may consist of online training, webinars, classroom training, and hands-on- training. Alan Chapman of stated “Workshops combine training, development, team-building, communications, motivation and planning.

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