How To Manage Diverse Workforce

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CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT GLOBAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES: HOW TO MANAGE DIVERSE WORKFORCE IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES Table of Contents Introduction 3 1.0 Diversity awareness training 3 2.0 Good communication and management 3 3.0 Policies, systems and leaderships4 4.0 Programs, interactive sessions and events4 5.0 Equality, opportunities and sensitivity4 Conclusion5 References6 Global Business Strategies: How to Manage Diverse Workforce in Different Countries Introduction Diversity defines a range of many people or things that are very different from each other. The popular understanding of diversity usually refers to differences in people color, ethnic origin, gender, sexual or religious preferences, age and disabilities. Today’s global marketplace comprises diverse workforce (Harris and Moran 2000). Diversity in workforce is vital in creating a successful work atmosphere in today’s world of cultural diversity. Diverse workforces also boost the productivity by affording all employees a positive work environment and opportunity to advance within an organization. Managing diverse workforces is challenging but with sufficient efforts and efficient managements is able to boost the organization productivity. 1.0 Diversity awareness training Main idea of the training should be designed to make people aware of their own diversity, biases and discriminations. At the same time, the employees should be guided how to response and behave towards diversity in their workplace. By promoting diverse workforce will illustrate to your employees that diversity is embraced and will give them a sense of comfort with their surroundings, leading to greater productivity. Raising awareness will also ensure that the employees accept that a diverse workplace is vital for a business to thrive. 2.0 Good communication and management Regular
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