Change Management And Communication Plan Bcs/311

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Change Management and Communication Plan - Section III Tomika Coleman MGT/311 - Organizational Development - BSCS178DS2 April 29, 2013 Stewart Binder Change Management and Communication Plan - Section III Communication Change Riordan Manufacturing has implemented a change within the communication process. The change has allowed our employees to use Organizational Communication. The company currently does not have a formal system in place that manages the customer information. Communication channels have a huge impact on the company’s day to day success level. Each employee should know and understand what is going on within the organization at all times. Organizational Communication is more effective than using other types of methods as it includes face-to-face, e-mails, faxed letters and telephone calls. Affected Areas of Change There are many areas within the company that would be affected by the change, and each department may be affected differently. Face-to-face communication provides each individual their spoken words, visual aids, voice, facial expressions, and body language that helps employees and customers…show more content…
The change will ensure that everyone has the same accurate information and are on the same level of understanding. The change will also save time and make it much easier for employees to access information in a timely manner. The outcome would allow the company to gain organization, understanding, and effectiveness. The company change will allow progress that will lead to growth and will be beneficial for the company, employees, and the customers. The company would have to begin by generating a training plan for the employees to give them ability to access the system properly and effectively. Employees must be fully trained on the process and follow up with a company meeting to ensure that everyone is on the same page to successfully target the

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