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Change Management Plan Riordan Manufacturing Team C University of Phoenix MGT/311 04/10/2013 Claudia Camacho Riordan Manufacturing Section I: Change Management Plan The purpose of this report is to implement and recognize the potential influences of corporate culture over time and history of the Riordan Manufacturing Company on employee behavior. Global expansion strategies for the company will be considered and evaluation of several factors before finalizing on the expansion process. Each factor will be evaluated intensively, which also requires analysis of the current situation, the change process and the desired situation. The report also includes a required efficient integration of the several different divisions using competitive…show more content…
Previously the customer information was saved by individual employees and their preference. Riordan Manufacturing is composed of 550 plus employees using manufacturing facilities in California, Georgia, Michigan and China. Riordan's Mission Statement states all employees “Our employees are well informed and properly supported, we will provide a climate focused on the long term viability of our company.” In order for employees to be well informed the company must use the most appropriate channels to communicate changes to the employees. The most effective way to communicate with Riordan's large group of employees would be through live speeches. This communication channel would affect a large group of employees at one time and provide the same information to each employee. The live speech would require a presentation of the new system to help introduce the format of customer management system. Through experience companies require hands on training in groups with one on one instructions to resolve problems or issues with the new…show more content…
As stated in the paragraph above, the need for this change is to allow for us to keep close ties to our customers via the new customer management system. We must keep close ties to both our long-standing customers and our new customers as well. Implementing these new management systems will allow to strengthen our relationships with our existing customers while the new systems will also allow for our relationships with new customers to continue to grow. We have a goal of fifty million dollars to reach, to reach this goal we must increase sales to existing customers, increasing sales by forced promotion; price discounts; and customer user group services. We must also expand sales to our newer customers by utilizing public relations activities, trade shows, brand development, and sales force promotions. These changes and implementing our recipes to reach our goals will help us reach our goals on a steadier track. Sixty percent of our incremental sales will come from our existing customers by the end of the year. We must take a consultative sales approach to understand the current needs of our customers and anticipate their future needs as well to satisfy and keep our existing customers. The other forty percent of our sales will come through new customers, therefore we must reach these new customer through trade shows and leverage market research reports. Inputting the new information into the new system is key to the future of the

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