HCS341: The Importance Of Training And Development In Healthcare

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Training and Development Welcome Knox HCS 341 March 17, 2014 Dr. Rita Fields Training and Development My paper will be about training and development in healthcare and why it is vital to have. I will also discuss the importance of measuring employee’s competencies and the process of tracking and evaluating training effectiveness. Training and development occurs in almost every company today. Both are very important to any business that wants to succeed. It is more vital to health care because we are dealing with people’s lives. Human resources in health care will have to deal with double-digit increase in hiring according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the coming years (R. Mayhew, 2013, para. 1). The human resource staff…show more content…
The right training is important to have when a patient is treated. From administration to the certified nurse’s assistant to the professionals in human resource, a trained workforce is needed to ensure quality of service. Selecting the right candidate for the job is crucial too. Now we come to measuring the employee’s competencies. All employers and employees have to know personal skills will vary from person to person in any work environment. It will be difficult to accurately assess an individual without taking into account many factors. When a manager measures an employee competency, an objective evaluation will be required in a manner to get results. In an article by Mika Lo, there are five instructions to measure an employee’s competencies. Here are the five instructions from her article, “How to Measure Employee’s Competencies.” 1. Instate a relevant scaled system for all employees. 2. Scale each response on the created…show more content…
Facilitate an objective assessment environment. 4. Test each employee after making tour objective observations. 5. Provide positive feedback to your employees. By following these instructions, measuring the competencies of employees should not be difficult. More resources can be found at Starway service: Measuring employee performance. Putting in a system for all employees to follow can make it easy to measure competencies. A time should be set to measure employees and take steps of improvement if needed at the time of the assessment. There are methods to evaluate training in health care. Take the role of nursing in primary health care. Primary health care settings offer many benefits such as treatment costs and quicker access to care. Nurses in primary care are measured by their performance in tasks, procedures, and requirements in the office setting. Formal tests measure the knowledge and practices learned by nurses who are in primary care. They take examinations, which can be verbal or written. They have to demonstrate how competent they are with certain procedures and see how they can assess blood pressures, heart rates, and other vital

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