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Leadership SAT2 Task 1 My Leadership Style By JT Western Governors University Leadership SAT2 Task 1 My Leadership Style A. B. 1. Based on my values and personality traits, I’m a participative leader. I believe that a worthy leader is also an active team member. Leading by example is a highly effective motivational strategy. Members learn from their leader by observing the leader’s commitment and strong work ethic. Working side-by-side with team members builds trust and fosters a team work environment. A leader demonstrates her value by assisting team members in accomplishing their goals. The participative leader is viewed as a respected and valued team member. As an active team member, the participative leader experiences first- hand the challenges of her team members and is well positioned to help resolve conflict and obstacles. C. D. a. b. One of my strengths includes leading by example and earning the respect and loyalty of my team members. Assigned goals are achieved by employees who match the same efforts demonstrated by their fearless leader. Every team member is treated with respect and is a valued team player. This type of management style boosts confidence and increases the drive to succeed. Team members are eager to satisfy assigned tasks given from a leader who supports and assists their efforts. c. Another strength I display is the ability to motivate and inspire my team to strive for excellence. By establishing high expectations for each team member as well as for myself, together achieve our goals. Through team member empowerment, each team member is encouraged to make decisions and contribute valuable input. Each member plays an intricate role in achieving goals. The team is inspired to control their own destiny and therefore take ownership of tasks and responsibilities. d. e.

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