Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader

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Team leaders serve various roles in an organization. The main role is to get results through others. They need to get tasks done by using all of the resources available to them, including other employees or 'team members'. Each role has a different set of responsibilities attached to it. The key responsibilities of a team leader are: Providing structure for the team - This is associated to setting a clear vision to provide purpose, clarify roles and responsibilities, allocate tasks and set objectives. A leader can influence the team to perform their duties by explaining the vision and the importance of their role in the outcome, along with the steps or goals, needed to achieve it. The individuals will be more apt to follow if they can envision their contribution to the bigger picture. Without that perspective the team cannot accomplish its goal. Managing Time- A leader should be able to identify and differentiate between urgent and important issues. Sometimes a task maybe important but not urgent, while other times it can be urgent but not important. A leader is responsible to manage the flow of day to day operations and meet deadlines. Communicating Effectively – Being the main channel of communication between the team and the organisation, Leaders must possess outstanding communication skills in order to exchange information between team members on goal setting, task assignments, work scheduling, problem solving, providing constructive feedback, praise, discussions, addressing conflicts etc. A good leader should lead by asking questions, listening, and facilitating constructive communication to build trust and respect. Team Building & Motivation - Train, Coach and provide effective feedback. Inspire others by example and guidance. A leader should encourage team work and cultivate a good work culture within the team, thereby creating the right working
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