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To be successful in college, a career, and in life, it is important to market ourselves. According to Macpherson (2006) this means selling our skills, our accreditation, and our professional value to our current or future employers (p.26). From my experience, we must be self- motivated, which shows we are taking responsibility and doing whatever it takes to get the job done without being told to do so. Employers are looking for people with passion and self-improvement skills. Having the ability to speak clearly and persuasively is a skill. People who are effective speakers come across as more comfortable with themselves, and this shows they are confident. Research is also an important skill; one should be able to find out quickly what is needed to be known. Continuing education on a resume proves to the employer that the person is a lifelong learner. Presenting we have interpersonal skills demonstrates we are able to get along with everyone we work with. These qualities are a valuable part of a team and being successful. Being organized is important so we can locate information and be efficient in our work. Self- discipline is another important skill. It is the ability to focus and show self control. One must be adaptable because business is all about change, and this is the difference between those who move ahead, and those who stay behind. Be inquisitive, ask questions, and show the ability to think outside the box. We may not be the one who to make the change, but we may be the one who sees that a change needs to be made. If a person embraces change, they move forward; if they reject it, the person stays behind. Employers want to see that we are strategic thinkers. Strategic thinkers are always looking at what the organization needs or where it could potentially go by applying their skills, experience, and knowledge. Success is very multifaceted, and a combination
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