Reflective Narrative Essay

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If you want to be successful in life, your career or in college, you need to build on skills, competencies, and habits of mind. Habits of mind that will pave the road to success are as simple as being persistent, listening and understanding, applying knowledge to situations, and being able to think and communicate clearly. Every person must be able to be punctual, hardworking and committed when it comes to any everyday routine. I believe my strongest skills and habits of mind are being persistent, being punctual, being committed, being hardworking and finding humor. The habits that need to be worked on are interpersonal and being open to change. If I want to be further developed in the business field my interpersonal skills must improve. The business will require some form of teamwork. In order to succeed, I must work in a team and be able to get along (Macpherson, 2006, p. 26). Also in order to succeed, I cannot be stuck in the stone age. I must be open to change. I tend to like things at a constant. But those who don’t anticipate change do not thrive (Macpherson, 2006, p. 27). My career has many levels of skills and competencies required to enter those positions. A business profession has a lot of opportunities to chose from. The opportunities may range from sales, management, or all the way up to corporate ownership. Your success, as a person depends and thrives on your skills, competencies and habits of mind. I, as I am now, am prepared to step out into the beginning of the business world, as did everyone else at one point, and work my way to the top. As I am now, I can, and will succeed. I do believe I have what it takes to be in the business world, and in the real world at

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