Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Personal Values Paper Ethics Awareness Inventory This paper is written for the purpose of construing the results of the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment. At the beginning, Ethics are a very important in my life activities (personally, professionally, and educationally). On my beliefs, I think every body has a moral right to experience the [“good life”]. However, ethics are playing a very important part at the people life. The results of my awareness Inventory originated my ethical perspective to be based on the result (R) or consequences of my actions. I think the ethical profile result was reflecting my personal values very well. From my background as a banker, I believe that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest good for the greatest number of persons. Based on my result on the awareness Inventory assessment, my ethical profile was most closely aligned with (R), and it was least closely aligned with (C). I believe that the goal…show more content…
By applying my personal values, and my beliefs that the ethical conduct should be directed toward to achieve the good for the organization (KFF), I will encourage the employees and motivate them to work all together for the best of all (organization as a whole). I will develop rules of ethical conduct for the employees to follow in order to achieve what is the best for the customers, and the organization. However, I will create a pleasant environment at the workplace, where the employees enjoy learning and working together for the betterment of KFF. My main goal would be to achieve measurable results. As a manager, my key concepts would be improvement, efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, and greatest good for greatest number of persons. I will try to apply all of these concepts to achieve the goals of the Kulder Fine and

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