Why Should I Hire You

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From the article: Job Interview Answer: Why Should We Hire You? Why should we hire you? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question "Why should we hire you?" Share Your Answer "We are Proud of You" You should hire me because I have to use my knowledge and I have to prove myself. Mainly I want to contribute to the success which will come to an organization where I am working. I have to learn new things. I want to get experience and I want to make myself a good person so that company will say "We are proud of you". —Guest Suraj Why are you a good candidate? I think you should hire me because I am a fast learner, pay close attention for details, and have a willingness to learn and help others. —Guest LINA Do Things Others Can't You should hire me because I can do things that others can't do. I have God's given talents and skills which can help me do good at work. —Guest Epil Ando Josol Obvious Reply You should hire me because now the correct time has come to use the knowledge and skills which I have been continuously acquiring from the time I started learning. I need the right platform and I think this company is one of the best. It will definitely help me to enhance and polish my skills. —Guest Utkarsh Willing to Learn I am looking for an opportunity in this field, to excel in this field and to contribute to the growth of organization.To be able to enhance my knowledge, and to develop my skills and personality. —Guest jernan Willing to Learn and Perform I am able to work co-operatively with others in order to achieve a common goal. I always aim at delivering quality work within timelines and I believe in adding value to the organisation and I take full accountability for my deriverables. I have the ability to accept change and adapt to my approach to maintain effectiveness within a variety of situations. I am willing to bring
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