Motivation For Returning To College

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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2012) by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated defines Stagnant as, “not advancing or developing”; in light of this my motivation for returning to college to learn is to avoid career stagnation. For a number of years I have been trying to obtain a position in executive level management within my chosen career field and it is now my opinion that I have reached a professional impasse due to my lack of what is traditionally viewed as a formal education. I have come to the realization that in today’s competitive work place traditionally accredited credentials are essential in backing up ones “school of hard knocks” education. As a Motor Transport Operations Chief in the United States Marine Corps I have supervised…show more content…
Like Sara I have always been open to learning new things, and I prefer to know that the knowledge and skills that I am making an effort to gain is going to benefit me in some way by actually being capable of being put to use either in the short or long terms. By succeeding in obtaining a traditional education in the study of Organizational Management I will hopefully be able to use these credentials in order to further my career in my chosen profession, leading to what I deem to be a better quality of life for myself and my…show more content…
As Fred so eloquently put it, many people talk mainly about the future when they refer to their motivation for learning and it is important to be mindful of the future, but in my opinion, not at the expense of the present or the past. The Roman author Pliny the Elder in 'Naturalis Historia' (A.D. 77) wrote, “Experience is the most efficient teacher of all things.” As we journey through life navigating its many trials and tribulations as well as taking delight in its good and fortunate we are learning. Fundamental values are formed upon solid foundations as self-realizations are made and discovered during this period of reactive learning. In truth we are bound to make mistakes along the way that is the human condition. What’s important and benefits us most is what we learn from those mistakes and how we apply that new found knowledge towards our

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