Promote Proffesional Development

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Unit2. Promote professional development 1. Understand principles of professional development. Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. Continually improving knowledge and practice can be named as professional development which is an essential component of organisational success. Professional development enables an organisation to keep up to date and to change pro actively so that their service is relevant and appropriate. Planned development is listened to achieve specific outcomes that may be either focused on the needs of an individual and/or may contribute to the learning needs of an organisation. Professional development is a process. This implies that it is an on-going activity and needs to be thought about as something that is incremental with different elements contributing to a large whole. Personal professional development increases the capabilities of staff. If it is tailored to an individual needs, it should bring about personal enhancements and opportunities as individuals expand their personal tool box of skills. Personal professional development is a journey that you should be on for the whole of your life. People receiving care services must be confident that they can trust those who deliver care not only know what to do, but also to know how to do it well. It should be a sustained activity which, when embedded into the culture of an organisation, will increase staff morale as well as enhance the quality of their performance, which will result in positive outcomes for organisation and individuals. Analyse potential barriers to professional development. When planning professional development it is important for a manager to engage the expected participants in the process as a partners. If the participants are receptive to the development opportunity they will be more likely to find solutions to

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