Importance Of Healthcare Accountability

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Healthcare accountability is important to the people providing service and the people the services are being provided too. There are situations where a person is hurt based on the neglect of someone that is a part of an organization or over a facility. There are organizations that are responsible for the care of patients. In the case a patient is hurt while under their care, the organization is held accountable. When an incident occurs it has to be reported in detail so that no further damage occurs. The organizations become responsibility for different activities and incidents. The organization is not the only group held responsible for some of these activities. Employees are also held accountable for certain incident depending on the measure of it. They are responsible for the checks and balance of things that occur within the organization. It is important that employees are held accountable. Accountability can be developed and improved. The employees have to understand the objective of the organization. The understanding of where the organization is trying to go and what they want to achieve places the employees in the position to be held accountable. It is…show more content…
They have recognized the importance of creating a culture that includes accountability. The organization creates the culture of accountability therefore the employees understand they must work as a team to ensure the organization as a whole is successful. The employees that are self sufficient and self motivated seem to contribute more to the culture of the organization. The culture being set in place sets the tone for the organization’s management and the frontline employees. This culture may also build a positive rapport between the organization and employees that will produce a positive culture. The organization and the employees should represent their culture proudly because it should say a lot about who they are the work they
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