Employee Portfolio Management Plan Summary

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Employee Portfolio Management Plan Summary In organizational behavior, personality traits play the biggest key role. Why? Because the behavior of the people and how they think greatly influences organizational performance, these three things thinking, feelings and behavior, which by the way are personal, affects many aspects of the workplace. If we look a bit closer we find that people's personalities persuade their behavior in some groups, along with their attitudes, and the manner in which they make decisions. Organizational skills hugely affect the people actions and reactions to different situations that happen during work. However workplace, personality can and will also affects key things like motivation, leadership, performance and conflict. We must understand that as managers the more we understand people personalities we can then better control the performance of the organization. The more managers focuses and understand personality behavior, the better outfitted they are to be effective and accomplish their goals. How might these three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization? In my opinion it seems to me that the most common concern is the personality trait. All three of the employees have different personality traits; this will require a different means of communication from a manager. To look a bit deep, a manger must know his people and their capabilities, for instance placing people in the right job makes all the difference in the world and can greatly affect the organization performance in a positive or a negative way. For a better example, let look at employee number one from our employee questionnaire, in the case of Dontae, he has a introvert personality with strong individual skills in supply procurement. Now as a manager would I place him in a position such sales person? The answer to that is, No, base on

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