7303: The Teaching Cycle

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City & Guilds 7303 The Teaching Cycle [pic] As a teacher, our roles are varied but include: Planning Our responsibilities are: • To ensure that once the syllabus is known, a Scheme of Work is developed and lesson plans generated • To ensure the course structure and timetable are developed • To ensure that resources are planned • To ensure accommodation is suitable • To get to know our students and their needs • To ensure that our knowledge is up to date Boundaries with Planning There are limitations with planning, in that a Lecturer can only plan for what is known and there may be unexpected occurrences that have to be dealt with in the lesson. However, there also has to be an element…show more content…
Also it is important to be realistic with Learners and accept that at times, mistakes can be made, and that the important matter is that this is accepted, managed and that all parties are able to move on to a more positive footing. Assessment Our responsibilities are: • To be fair and consistent • To assess promptly, within the agreed timescales • To be honest • To be innovative and give a balanced view Boundaries with assessment Boundaries with assessment are that not all Learners will fit into the boxes we need to adhere to, set by differing Examining bodies. It is also fair to state that assessment is only an individual’s perception of a performance and when one Learner meets the standard for one Assessor, they may not do so for another Assessor. Evaluation Our responsibilities are: • To evaluate honestly • To seek constructive feedback • To speak and gain guidance from peers If helpful • To consider exam results and tutorial feedback and incorporate into evaluation • To consider external assessment and Ofsted and incorporate feedback into evaluation and amendment of future
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