Physics Electricity And Magnetism

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Stage 3 Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Student workbook Name: TEACHER’S GUIDE Description: This unit focuses on electricity and magnetism, including electrical circuits, and magnetic fields. Students apply the concepts of charge and energy transfer to situations involving current electricity, the motor effect and electromagnetic induction. Contexts: Student unit learning contexts for electricity and magnetism may include: • electric toys • power generation and distribution • motors and generators. Working in physics Students are given opportunities to develop their skills related to investigating and communicating scientifically. They plan and conduct investigations to obtain valid and reliable results and are prepared to justify their findings. Their problem-solving techniques include combinations of concepts and principles. They consider the level of absolute and percentage uncertainty in experimental measurements. This includes the use of error bars when displaying data graphically. Plan For Unit. This workbook will give you an outline of the content to be covered and the related text pages. It is not intended to be used alone but in conjunction with your text and teacher. It is expected that you will follow the workbook and read the related text, experiments and investigations before the lesson. It will be assumed that you have read the text and have some introductory knowledge of the work to be covered each lesson; failure to do so may affect your progress in class. Your teacher will then teach you the concepts and show you how to do the examples in the workbook thus ensuring you have exemplars when completing additional questions from the workbook and texts. Your teacher also has all the worked answers to the additional questions in this workbook and you must check your answers when you

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