Discuss Your Perception of the Role of a Teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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This essay will discuss my perception of the role of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector. It will cover a teacher’s roles, responsibilities and boundaries. It will also evaluate different methods of assessment and discuss approaches to embedding inclusive learning and teaching into learning activities. I have broken the essay down into several headings: Roles, responsibilities and boundaries Teaching and learning methods Assessment methods Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Functional skills in the lifelong learning sector. Background For background information, I am studying teaching in order that I can have an understanding of how my students are learning, and some experience of teaching, so that when I come to assess them for their NVQs I appreciate how they got to the point of submitting their workbooks to me. Roles, responsibilities and boundaries The simple way of describing my role as a teacher would be to say that I am there to ensure my learners get their qualifications (Wilson 2008:4), but the Lifelong Learning Sector covers more than just formal qualifications; many people just want to learn for the enjoyment of doing so, or an employer may have set up an internal training course without a nationally recognised qualification at the end. Learners could be aged 14 upwards and have many different learning goals. As a teacher I will do more than just deliver the lesson. I will have had to design the lesson and plan its delivery so that it holds everyone’s interest. I will also have a duty of care, act as a role model and afford pastoral care in some cases. I will have to assess the learners in order to identify their individual needs, and keep records of their progress. However, I also have a responsibility to see that the lesson delivery is done in a fair and equal manner, taking into account learners different
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