Unit 1: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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Unit 1: Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector Section 1: Understand own role, responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching. Explain your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher Role: the function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation, Planner, designer, reviewer, scheduler, organiser, researcher etc. * Creating / facilitating opportunities for learning * Plan lessons, find and prepare materials, do research, assess learners and yourself * Keep records: lesson plans, attendance, assessment. Responsibilities: a thing which one is required to do as part of a job, role, or legal obligation It is the responsibility of the teacher to plan and design a course, which meets the needs of the learners and requirements of the course. Most teachers/trainers will be responsible for designing their own courses. There are some courses, however, which are prescriptive and have to be delivered in a set way; for these teachers, there may be limited opportunities at this stage of the cycle. It is the responsibility of the teacher to write the syllabus for the course while ensuring that the learning outcomes, aims and objectives for the course are covered in an appropriate way e.g. length of time allocated to each outcome, order in which outcomes are planned; possible delivery strategies; appropriate resources and assessment methods. This stage is about planning the course; these plans, however, are not ‘set in stone’ and changes can be made throughout the teaching cycle. * Keeping yourself up to date in both teaching and your field * Maintaining high standards in your work and conduct * Complying with the rules of the organisation you are part of as well as legislation and codes of practice (this is the main focus of the next essay) Boundaries: a limit of something
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