Intervention Plan Development and Implementation

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Students with challenging behavior require specialized care and monitoring to identify and determine the functions of their behavior. An accurate documentation and analysis of data helps to ensure that an effective Functional behavior assessment (FBA) and behavior intervention plan (BIP) are put in place to combat the adverse behavior. When the function of the inappropriate behavior is ascertained, alternative acceptable behavior are used to replace them. It is important to make sure that the alternative replacement behavior will serve the student the same purpose or function to prevent the student from developing other unacceptable exhibitions and habits. The antecedents and setting events, the behavior and consequences should be critically considered to ensure that the function of the behavior is met. It is not enough to put the plans in place but very important to follow through and ensure that the FBA and BIP are implemented as planned. If at any time it is noticed that the plan ceases to be effective it will be pertinent for the individual educational plan (IEP) committee to come together and make appropriate and adequate changes. It is very important to update students’ progress based on the collected data and evaluations to ensure that relevant measures, strategies and intervention are utilized. Effective strategies and intervention are required to successfully change inappropriate behavior and foster appropriate behavior. Reinforcements are used to alter or eliminate undesirable behavior on the other hand, it is very important to encourage students to practice the desirable behavior to ensure that they are aware of what is expected from them. Teachers often spend valuable time correcting the inappropriate behavior and less time teaching acceptable behavior. As a teacher I think it is necessary and very important to assess and evaluate students
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