Improve Own And Team Practice In Schools Essay

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Help Improve Own and Team Practice in Schools Explain in detail how you would you would take note of children and young people's responses to your own practice: Take and note about you've interacted with children, how they've responded to you and if you can improve or better what happened in a similar situation in the future. It is always important to remember that children are not clones, some respond well to humour, some do not. Even sarcasm meant in the most light hearted manner to some children could be mistaken in some cases as a form of passive aggressiveness, therefore it is best avoided on a one to one basis. It is also important to remember that the people you are assisting are developing in life, some are more advanced than others and some are more sensitive than others. Children may laugh at bit of harmless humour delivered on a friendly manner if being spoken to as a group and it can also be helpful to speed their attention spans which will be on a varied level in every single class sometimes even on each end of the spectrum. However the difference between talking to a young class and a group and…show more content…
While it is essential to undertake a personal self assessment to help get over any hurdles which may have been encountered in such situations, often overcoming these obstacles will require external advice and general guidance which will help you achieve the goals in your practice which you are aiming for. It is therefore highly beneficial for you and the pupils you are assisting that you try and set aside time with the teacher you are operating with to undertake any evaluation and discussion about your practice if they have noted anything in particular in a pupil's response which may have been reflected as negative and how to achieve action preventing
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