Benchmark Assessment Essay

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Running head: Benchmark Assessment EDU 536-Week 8 Classroom Engagement and Management This essay will give instruction of how a classroom should be managed. Classroom management may be influenced by a large variety of things. The classroom is where a teacher should be able to teach kids in a structured setting with few distractions. However, this is not always the case. There are many negative situations which often happen in a structured setting, such as the classroom, that causes teachers to have to do more than just teach. Teachers should have their classrooms set up with ideas and learning centers that will help students with their learning. There is not just one guideline on how the classroom should be set up. Different teachers have different learning techniques. Most teachers find what works for them and this is how they teach. It is important to help students to learn by allowing time for debates. Debates allow students to voice their opinion and concerns without being wrong. Debates are merely opinions. The classroom environment should be inviting and children oriented. The classroom should also be kept clean and organized. As a teacher, my classroom will be set up for grouping children and learning centers. This will hopefully promote a positive learning environment through teamwork. The classroom should be a safe environment as well. As a teacher, we expect students to behave in a certain manner. However, teachers should act as role models to the students also. The teacher should be a facilitator inside the classroom and outside as well. The teacher should develop a relationship with the student that is respectful and authoritative. The teacher must also be knowledgeable of the material he is presenting to the students.
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