Why we don't like english

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Reasons why we like or don’t like English Well this starts in Mexico when I was in a school named I.I.M. It is a very strict school and I still can’t get how to define the subject, verb, noun, pronoun and my parents tried to teach me, but it just hasn’t gotten stuck in my head. Many times I think that I’m retarded because a little kid can do that and I am in ninth grade and I still can’t get that stuff in my head. That’s one of the reasons that I don’t like Language Arts because I can’t some things that the teacher wants me to do. So right now it’s getting harder for me to get “A’s” on the English class and if I don’t get an “A” my parents are going to ground me because they think that I’m not doing my best. The second reason is that I don’t like the English classes because English is so hard to learn and since I’m pure Mexican it’s hard to do it even though I have 5 years already here but I can’t get used to it. Sometimes I try really hard to remember everything that I’m supposed to have known many years ago. Sometimes I would like to go back and be able to fix all that so I would get better grades on all of my classes because that is the only thing that lowers my grade in the English classes and I don’t like that. Many times when I do essays like this I have my big brother correct it so that way I don’t have any mistakes. I would really like to learn how to know the difference between pronoun and the nouns so my parents won’t get mad with me again because I got bad grades at school because of some thing that I couldn’t learn when I was in Mexico or here so I would like to learn that so my parents don’t ground me again for some stupid thing. The bad thing about my parents grounding me is that they don’t do it for one week they do it for at least two months so that’s the thing that I don’t want to
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