César E. Chávez: A Good Man Who Influenced His Life

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Terrance Estelle 12/5/2012 Block 50 Spanish 3 Research Ceasar chavez César E. Chávez was a good man who dedicated his life to helping others. César was born to parents who taught him important ideas about hard work, the importance of education, and respect. As a young boy, César worked on his family’s farm feeding and watering the animals, collecting eggs, and bringing water to the house. César’s parents thought school was important. School was hard for César because the teachers only spoke English and César did not understand English. César thought some teachers were mean because they would punish him when he spoke Spanish. César learned to read English in school and he learned to read Spanish from his uncles. César’s parents were very strict and taught him and his sisters…show more content…
They also taught people that community leaders respected voters. Community leaders worked harder to solve the problems of voters. César worked in many communities in California to help people gain the respect they deserved. After helping many people gain the respect of community leaders, César left the Community Service Organization to help farm workers gain the respect and dignity they deserved. César started the National Farm Worker Association to help improve the working conditions of farm workers. African Americans, Filipinos, white Americans, Mexican Americans and Mexicans, and men and women of all backgrounds joined César.César and the farm workers wanted the companies and growers that owned the farms to respect farm workers by providing them with fresh water to drink, bathrooms in the fields, and fair pay for a day’s work. The companies and growers refused to treat the farm workers with respect and dignity. The growers did everything they could to stop César and the farm workers. They even turned to violence and hurt many farm workers and people who helped the farm workers. This made César very
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