The Challenges Of Moving To America Essay

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The challenges we face Can you imagine moving from one country to another? Can you imagine leaving your friends and family and go to a place where your language, and religion is different? Well it happened to me, moving to America from Pakistan was a big step for family and I. A place where women covered themselves at all times, where it is hard to find a job, where the education does not have value like the education in America does, where the language is Urdu or Hindi. All this is a huge difference from what we call the land of freedom and opportunities: “The United States of America.” Education opportunities in America pulled us from Pakistan. Not only the education, but America offers many job opportunities that are worth what we deserve.…show more content…
Things became very easy for me. I was promoted to Middle School after Elementary, but something that changed my entire life style was the 9/11 Attack. The 9/11 Attack happened when I was in 7th grade and was in science class. An announcement came up and the teachers were told to turn on the television in class and tune to the news channel. Everyone was sitting down quietly watching the news when the news media was showing how the planes crashed and said Al- Qaeda is behind all of this. Students in my classes started discriminating against me since Al-Qaeda was said to be a Muslim group located in Afghanistan which is right next to Pakistan. My friends had so many questions and concerns about what was happening. Some of the students hated all the Muslims students that were in my school since we belonged to the same religion as the people who were known as terrorists. This used to make me so angry. I sometimes did not feel like going to school because of the comments and questions students would have for me. Each and every day of school used to go by with me explaining to my classmates what Muslims really were and how much my religion were against killing innocent people. Then, after a month or two, things cooled down and everyone started to realize that not all Muslims are terrorists and that they should not be racist to those, who are not responsible for what had

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