The Importance Of Middle School

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Being in middle school for 3 years has changed everybody. It made some strong and some stronger, some just lost it and switched schools. They couldn’t deal with the pressure middle school had to offer ,but it wasn’t the teachers, the tests or trying to find your classes, it was mostly just trying to “FIT IN”, and also finding out that who you are kinda affects what people think about you, but for some people they didn’t care about what people thought, they just focused on trying to find that one “special person” but to some peoples realization its to early to find love right now, but other people have different opinions and they disagree. Middle school for some people may have been fun at first but once they got used to it, it changed. People learn a lot during middle school like for my experience , I found out that best friends are the people that actually care about you and even the friends you’ve known your whole life, that doesn’t…show more content…
My parents always tell me “enjoy being a kid while it lasts” and I would just encore it and all I wanted to do was grow up and get out of here and travel the world an just be an dependant women on my own, but now I realize why my parents told me that, once I saw my parents come home late from work and seeing them all tired ,then I realized its not so fun being an adult because you have to work really hard for something you want and once you have a family of your own its not always going to be about you anymore, you have to focus on being a parent , and that pretty much sums up being an adult, but what do I know I’m not an adult ..yet . Well middle school has changed my life, and made me realize a lot of things, It mite not have been the greatest experience of my life but I learned a lot and learned a lot from my mistakes so I wont make them again in the future but I don’t know what will happen in the future and I wouldn’t want to

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