Why Should I Get Accepted?

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College Admissions Essay Why should I get accepted? Our lives are filled with dreams and hopes for the future. Like many others one of my many dreams in life has been my college education and obtaining the degree in a profession that I have a passion for but for many years unfortunately helping my parents has been a priority and I have fallen behind on my commitment. One day on a pretty Monday morning when taking my daughter to a doctor’s appointment is when I realized that I must dedicate my life to her and be the best role model I could. In this paper I will discuss how she inspired me and in a moment I pulled myself together that I should fulfill my lifelong dream, make her prod and there is nothing that should stop me. I strongly believe that failure is not an option for me in life and I want to carry this message to my child as she grows. I am at a point in life where I look at my life and my future with a very serious and subjective point of view. I was lucky to marry my best friend, the love of my life and the most amazing man and we share a beautiful daughter. Being a mother has been truly a wakeup call and a sincere motivation to continue my education. Like many other children my sweet baby girl does not like the doctor, while waiting in the room for the doctor to come she asked me “mommy why are you not a doctor? This way we would never have to come here” while I smiled and nodded to her with a response that mommy would be one day, it just hit me hard like never before that I must take some action soon before it is too late, not that she mentioned to me she wanted me to be a doctor but it has been my desire to become a nurse one day since I was a little girl, her words were just a add on and touched me deeply. I have a great sense of humor and great personality. I am easy to get along with and a hard working mother that works hard to raise a child

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