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Rachel Trevino ENG-105 July 7, 2013 Ms. Meredith DeCosta Beautiful by Cover Girl Relationships are supposed to last forever. They are formed and united by a special bond. This bond is one that cannot be broken. This relationship becomes important and an essential part of a person’s everyday life because it helps reduce the visibility of skin imperfections, it provides both inner and outer beauty, and it help cover up age defining lines. For me, this special relationship was with my make-up made by Cover Girl. This relationship began in the summer of 1988. I remember this story just like as if it had happened yesterday. It all began when my thirteenth birthday was just days away. I anxiously awaited for this day to arrive. The days…show more content…
I began dating a co-worker. After just dating a few months, we decided to get married. I always imagined it to be like a fairytale story. The first couple of months were great we were very happy. Then one day I was faced with the biggest betrayal imagined. The man I married just a few months before was having an affair. This brought up so many mixed feelings of insecurity. “What was wrong with me? Was I not good enough for him?” I began to constantinetly worry about my looks, weight, and even the way I dressed. Then a few months later I found out I was pregnant. This was one of the happiest days in my life. As a young and naive girl, I honestly believed becoming parents’ would help our marriage. A baby would make it all better. Once again, I was wrong! Things continued to worsen but I did not allow this to in any way affect my pregnancies. My daughters became my number one priority in life. I quit wearing make-up because becoming a mom became a full time job. My make-up became of little importance in my life. I recall my daughter telling me how beautiful I was without all that "paint" on my face. This was when it became evident to me that beauty came from within not by the make-up I once worshiped as a

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