Nurse Practitioner Essay

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My road to becoming a Nurse Practitioner has been a very enlightening one. As a child and young adult if you ever told me I would end up being a nurse I would have laughed. I had no desire to being involved in the care of others. I hated the site of blood or any other trauma. I married young and was going to be a stay at home mom while I decided what else I wanted to do with my life. At 21 years of age I went into labor with my first child, an event that would change my life in so many ways. It was a long, difficult labor. My husband and I looked much younger than our age and we were treated as such. The nurses who came in and out of the room barely looked at us, talked down to us and talked to each other about us. We could hear them saying, “Babies making babies and here’s another one we will be paying for.” If they had bothered to check they would have seen that my husband had a job and we had very good insurance. Of course, that shouldn’t have made a difference in the type of care they were giving me. I endured several shift changes of these types of nurses before I encountered one nurse who was kind. She seemed to genuinely care about our feelings and concerns. She spent time in the room talking to us rather than in the hall talking about us. I thought if I were a nurse I would be like her. I believe over the years I have grown to be like her. I try to be caring and kind with my patients and families. I have learned to put aside my judgments about people and instead take what time I can to talk with them. I learn about whom they are and what it is they want or expect from their healthcare experience. Cultural competence is not only the understanding of different cultures and socioeconomic classes but the ability to treat each of these groups with the same amount of care. I believe further education of me could only benefit my patients and their families. The
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