Why I Want to Be a Nurse

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Why I Want To Be a Nurse

Being a nurse is what I was born to be. It is the only profession I’ve ever wanted. As a little girl I received a toy medical kit. One of my aunts called me “Dr. E” and I remember immediately correcting her by saying, “I’m not a doctor; I’m a Nurse!”.

My path was changed when I became a single mother at a young age. This meant working full-time and being with my children as much as possible couldn’t afford me the opportunity and luxury of going to nursing school. Now my daughters are grown and its time to follow my dream.

I was never really encouraged to attempt to make my dreams a reality. Until recently, the most support I had received was “good luck”. Worse yet, were those who were quick to point out reasons why they thought it would be too difficult -too expensive, too time-consuming, etc. I know now that the challenges are part of the reasons why I want to be a nurse. I want to face challenges on a regular basis and overcome them so that I can continue to learn and grow.

My uncle was in a hospice house recently as a result of his long battle with lung cancer. The nurses there had a significant impact, good and bad, on him and our whole family. There were many nights that I stayed with him because we knew he needed kindness and dignity that he wouldn’t receive from one of the nurses on duty. Then there are the wonderful, kind, and compassionate nurses who treated him as a person instead of a disease that was almost over. Those that treated him as more than just a physical body accompanied by a list of diagnoses, symptoms, and orders; like he was the heart of the patient team, just as nurses are the heart of the health care team.

As my younger self stated long ago..”I am a Nurse”. A Nurse is who I am at heart and now I intend to get the education that also makes it what I am. I want to make an impact and I know it

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