Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important?

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Word Count: 2197 Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? The Initial consultation is so important because it is the most effective platform for communication and trust to be gained between practitioner and client. This ensures that the client has the best chance of having a successful outcome to the treatment they will receive. The relationship between a client and a hypnotherapist starts from the first moment of contact, the environment that they meet, and the conversation that follows all play a vital role in helping the client to feel confident that they can trust the hypnotherapist and feel positive in how they can be helped. For the hypnotherapist the initial consultation is all about gathering information, exploring the client’s history and most importantly deciding on an ethical level ‘can I treat this person?’ So let’s take a look at each aspect of what the initial consultation entails and how each in turn takes place within the first meeting. The Initial Contact between the Hypnotherapist and the Client. Meeting someone for the first time in a therapeutic setting can be daunting for some, so it is the hypnotherapist’s responsibility to ensure that the client feels at ease at the very first point of contact. I feel also by congratulating them for seeking treatment in the first place sets the conversation on a positive note. The client needs to feel that they are dealing with a professional and that they are interested in what they have to say and accepting of their situation, but also important that they feel they can trust in the abilities of the hypnotherapist and that the treatment shall be kept confidential. They shall also need to feel listened to and respected, so the hypnotherapist’s voice needs to be at an even tone, the behaviour and body language needs to be attentive and positive towards the client, and posture to be
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