Why Is The Initial Consultation So Important?

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“Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?” 2023 Our personality and belief system is shaped from when we are born as we experience different things; learning things that our subconscious has stored as being necessary for our survival. If we have a negative concept of ourselves it’s the hypnotherapists job to find out as much information about the client as possible, therefore reprogramming a positive concept into the clients subconscious by using positive suggestions, this is why an initial consultation is so important. During this essay I am going to be describing and discussing “why the initial consultation so important and what factors an ethical therapist will cover at this time?” The initial consultation usually lasts for half an hour and gives the client the opportunity to meet the therapist in person and are ‘able to assess their suitability for your expertise’ (chrysalis pg15). It can help determine whether the client feels comfortable discussing and disclosing information with the therapist. You can also assess whether or not you can work with the client and especially if they feel they can work with the therapist and also whether hypnotherapy is suitable for the client. An ethical therapist needs to take make sure there is no sexual attraction, if this is the case the therapy should not continue. Obviously in the initial consultation you can determine the nature of the clients problem, this then depends on how many sessions the client will need, for example a one off quit smoking session may differ to another problem which may need 3-6 sessions or more. Therapists ‘work solely with neuroses and not psychoses’ (chrysalis mod2 p22) ethical therapists should cover this when assessing a client in an initial consultation and will discuss with the client what medical and mental health issues
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