Unit 207 Level 2 Diploma Health and Social Care

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Unit 207 Task A Ai) Person centered values means treating the clients as individuals making sure that they are being treated with dignity and respect, making sure that they have there privacy, and that they have their independence, we need to make sure to give clients a choice of different things and that they have a right to choose them, we also need to recognise that working with professionals is partnership not a relationship. Aii) It is important for care workers because we want to treat our clients as individuals and they way you want to be treated. The main reason why it is important is because it is a law requirement, they come from different acts such as, Human Rights Act 1998, Health and Social Care Act 2008 and the Codes of Practice. Care Quality Commission got the essentials standards from the Health and Social Care Act. If the person centered value are all being followed correctly then the clients should feel happy and content. Aiii) Consent means asking someone for there permission to do something e.g. would you like help with personal care. We need to be careful because the client might lack capacity in some areas, but not in others this is known as implied consent. You MUST always gain consent. Aiv) Care workers must always gain consent from the clients when providing care because it is the law – Human Rights Act, care workers should always respect the clients wishes. Av) There are different ways care workers could gain consent from the client, you could ask them, if they are unable to tell you they could write it down if the can do this, there facial expressions could help you especially if you know your client, and also they might use sign language. Avi) If the client is unable to give consent, care workers should check the care plan first, because it could be that the client is unwell or maybe have a UTI (Urinary Tract
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