What Is The Importance Of Effective Communication In Health And Social Care

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Assignment 1 part 1 : Analyze communication methods and assess their effectiveness in a care setting. (1000 words) Effective communication in a care setting helps both care workers and clients to form a good relationship and helps them to work well together. People who are relaxed and are able to empathize with the other person are the people who communicate most effectively. Good communication skills are skills that facilitate people to communicate effectively with each other. Effective communication engages the choice of the best communication technique, the technical know-how to use when communicating with another person. It’s not only the use of information to the target audience, it’s also the listening and responses received from others.…show more content…
Effective communication helps care workers to give and receive information of the individuals care and welling being. It enables care workers to express understanding, support, trust and acceptance towards the clients. Effective communication also helps care workers to identify and support individual’s abilities and reduce dependency. Physical needs, care workers need to look for physical needs which involve pain, cold, hunger etc. Emotional needs, care workers need to help the client feel safe, poor communication may make the client feel threatened. Self-esteem, care workers should promote self-esteem which empowers people to value others and build positive self-image. Affection/Belonging, it is important for individuals to receive and show affection. Poor communication could make a client feel like an

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