Promote Active Participation In Health And Social Care

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SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION Physical abuse Is any form of non-consensual contact, unaccidental Punching Kicking Pinching Slapping Scalding Restraint Neglect Starvation Sexual abuse Abuse of power Sexual penetration Touching Exposure to pornographic material Sexual comments Emotion abuse Humiliation Belittling Bullying Making treats Shouting Swearing Insulting Racial Teasing Ignoring Harassed Financial abuse Stealing money or property Threatening Bribing Tricking Persuading individuals to make financial decision that are not in there best interests Refusing access or control of money Institutional abuse Individuals in care homes not having a choice, either in what eating that day or what…show more content…
It gives them choice which promotes dignity, respect and confidence. Talking to individuals about how they like things done. Updating care plans as people change what they want and need. Encouraging active participation builds self esteem and confidence, giving individuals choices. Letting them make decisions for themselves. Giving them independence. It will build relationships and give individuals confidence to express feelings which they may not be aware is abuse. Promoting choice and rights can empowers an individual. It offers choices which can reduce the likeliness of abuse. It’s important for staff and individuals to know how to make a complaint. It has to be accessible so it doesn’t become difficult to make a complaint. This could result in individuals not complaining. They also need confidence that something would be done about the complaint. Not checking dates on equipment for last safety check Not wearing PPE Not checking care notes for changes Not checking mar charts for changes in

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