Chcac318B Drm Ee.2 Work Effectively with Older People

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Task 1 1.A. As we all know that older people have a lot of medical problems and because of that the service delivered has to be professional and handled with respect, so I think the key principals are be considerate of older people's well-being and show respect and manner. Some older people want to stay home and unlike the elderly that are receiving health care services in elder homes, they are receiving health care at home, which is more expensive and harder to monitor, however they are surrounded by their families. 1.B. Ageing has a big impact on the entire world population and because of the modern medicine people live longer which means more elderly people. And more costs for medicine and other health services, the delivery service is also harder to provide, however there is more business for health service providers. 2. Access and equity principles: No discrimination against staff or client based on race, skin, sex or sexual preference, religious or political belief. Maintain client information confidentiality. Employee or service provider is committed to make any necessary adjustments for staff or client with disabilities. Code of practice, staff training and education. Recognizing and promoting people’s rights and improve the accountability of decision makers. If the client would chose to talk with me during the massage about private things, I would support him and ensure that the conversation is confidential. 3. Client rights and responsibilities are as important as therapists right and responsibilities. These rules are very important because it gives the service provider the professionalism and boundaries between the client and himself. Before the service is provided the set of rules is placed before the client for him to read and sign after that I would ask him if he understood the rules. 4. Because policies and procedures allow employees
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