Leadership In Long Term Care Essay

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Governance and Leadership in Long-Term Care Leadership can be looked at as either a process or a position. However, most individuals view leadership as a way of influencing an organization or group. Even though all businesses have leadership, they are not always effective. This paper will focus on the effectiveness in leadership and governance of long term care. Evaluating leadership effectiveness is vital in every organization. All businesses can have leadership but it does not make them effective leaders. Two ways to determine effective leadership is goal achievement and the support of followers. Leaders can have delayed or immediate influences on both factors. For example, policy changes causes can create immediate results. In this process followers play an important role in evaluating a leader’s effectiveness. No matter if the leader has a position of authority or was informally selected, leaders are commonly evaluated on their ability to control scarce resources, providing important information,…show more content…
The challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare market place make it essential for long term organizations to be proactive in developing effective leadership practices while continuing to improve the practice of management. Over the years long term care has changed and the expectations have changed as well. In earlier times the pressures of health care were very different. Regulations were minimal and the expansion of Medicaid to cover long term care enabled those on welfare to have access to long term care. The requirements of leaders in the previous times were more focused on motivating employees. However, as time passes by it is becoming more known that proficiency in leadership is essential for long term care facilities to survive (Dana & Olson, 2007). In addition, leadership is important in healthcare but the governance of long term care is equally
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