Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care Needs

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samantha carlin support individuals to meet personal care needs outcome 1 1 i would encourage an individual to communicate their needs,preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care by always involving them in desicion making such as for example asking them which way they like their hair brushed/styled or which outfit they would like to wear that day etc...always involving them so their opinion feel valued and respected. i would always encourage somebody to express their personal preferences so that i can put them into practice when carrying out personal care, if somebody can not communicate i would look through their care plan to see if they have any personal needs, preferences or beliefs than i can put into practice when carrying out personal care. 2 To establish the level and type of support an individual needs relating to their personal care, i would look in somebodies care plan to see what level of dependancy they need or i would ask an individual if they would like my help for example getting dressed, or getting washed. Or i would use oberservation such as somebody struggling to button up their shirt due to arthritis i would offer help to this person. 3 I would agree with an individual how privacy will be maintained during personal care by ensuring them that the door to their room will always be closed during personal care, i would constantly talk to them reassuring them and asking them what they were happy for me to do and not to do ensuring that their privacy is respected and that they know it is respected. Some residents may be happy for me to get them dressed/undressed whereas some may not therefore i would establish each individuals preferences and put them into practice the best i could. outcome 2 1 To support an individual to understand the reasons for hygiene and safety precautions I would explain to
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