Unit 81 Support Individuals at the End of Life Hsc 3048

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1.1 Legislation and agreed ways of working ensure that individuals receiving end of life care are treated with the upmost dignity and that there last days on earth are made as comfortable as possible. In a residential care home most of our residents are entering their last home on earth and it is important to ensure there last days are fulfilled. Legislation ensures that the individual’s rights are protected when they might not have the capacity or strength to fight for them themselves. This may mean protecting their assets, ensuring that their wishes for how there death is handled are met and that they receive the care and support that they deserve. At Hafan-Y-Waun our end of life policy is developed in line with our mission statement to meet the changing needs of the people in our care. This means that through the persons final days they live as comfortably, dignified and peaceful as possible. In our agreed ways of working our end of life care begins as soon as the person is admitted. If this is to be their last home we must do what we can to make it a place the person wants to live. This means decorating their bedroom to their liking and surrounding them with their own belongings where possible. We will discuss with family and wishes expressed by the resident to them regarding how they want their death to be handled. Agreed ways of working provide guidelines for dealing with an issue as difficult as death in a way that is respectful to everyone concerned while meeting the individual’s physical and psychological needs. 1.2 At Hafan-Y- Waun we have an end of life plan that is ideally discussed with every individual in our care. This may not always be possible and it must be handled with much sensitivity. It means discussing with the individual any final wishes they may have any conflicts they may want to resolve and how they would like their end of life

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