Unit 3 Confidentiality

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Confidentiality What is confidentiality and why is it important? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has defined confidentiality as “ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access”. Confidentiality is the state of being secret; “you must respect the confidentiality of your client’s communications”. Confidentiality is a basic principle in the relationship between professionals and patients. Confidentiality is based on: Privacy, which is related to the notion of respect for the person - people have a right to decide how much information about themselves should be shared with others, and public interest. Keeping information secret means that it should not be discussed in any circumstances other than with the person the information was meant for. Confidentiality is not only a matter of keeping information secret. It also rquires that anyone keeping information in the course of performing his or her work will not use the ifnormation given for personal advantage or fo the advantage of anyone else. In care settings when situations of stress or need occur, service users might need to share personal information with their carers. In order to for the service user to feel comfortable with discussing and sharing private concerns, he or she needs to feel that they are safe in order to do so. Therefore all information is given to a care worker in trust and confidentiality. In a positive care environment permission is needed from the service user before the infortaion given can be used or shared. It is essential for a care worker to make sure that the service user can confide in them and trust them. Personal information is also seen as the property of a person. The consequences of breaking confidentiality Breaking confidentiality can affect a person greatly. He or she might not want anyone else to what they told the
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