Building Rapport Is Often Considered One of the Most Important Aspects of a Therapists Work; Discuss

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ESSAY Building rapport is often considered one of the most important aspects of a hypnotherapists work, discuss Building rapport with your client begins the instant you meet them. We all know about first impressions and how they shape what someone thinks about us but in terms of a therapist/client relationship there are no second chances at the first impression. If you are to successfully build rapport between you and your client then you must be aware of and address any initial obstacles that could hinder the rapport building process, for example the therapist must ask themselves questions such as ‘’am I dressed appropriately?” If the therapist is dressed in a sharp black suit for instance, then this would portray power (we have all come across the term ‘power dressing’) and the client would feel immediately intimidated. To facilitate the building of rapport the therapist’s aim would be to make the client feel equal. In the same respect, how we conduct ourselves as therapist is also key to this. An open friendly manor is helpful and things such as voice tone, pace and language etc should be addressed. There would be no sense in talking jargon or confusing your client with elaborate language as this would only encourage them to disengage with you unless of course they were very academic and this is how they spoke. There are lots of ways in which we can build rapport such as mirroring. As the word suggests this would entail the therapist ‘copying’ the client’s body language, posture, tone of voice or pace. Mark Tyrell (2007 How to build instant rapport) writes ‘’You mirror or subtly match their body posture, their speaking tone and pace and the kind of language they are using so that they unconsciously start to feel that you are like them, that you are in tune with them”. In continuing to build rapport with the client the therapist will need to let

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