Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time?

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Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? 1700 words The initial consultation is the first face-to-face interaction between the client and therapist. This is a two way process which has a number of very important functions which together ensure that the subsequent course of hypnotherapy, if both parties agree to proceed, is as effective as possible and maintains the high professional and ethical standards clients would expect. A detailed initial consultation lays the foundation for a successful client-therapist relationship and an effective course of hypnotherapy. The therapist should always introduce him or herself and always aim to create a good first impression with their appearance and the environment in which they see clients. Clients will expect that they are consulting a professional and the level of confidence the therapist inspires can have a positive or negative effect on the overall success of hypnotherapy. The therapist should dress smartly when meeting a client for the first time, but maybe not as formally as a suit as this could make some clients feel awkward and uneasy. The therapist will be able to gauge what level of formality the client prefers during their first meeting. The consultation room should be an appropriate place in which to conduct treatment in comfort and without disturbance or distractions. This usually means a quiet room with a relaxing chair or couch for the client and a calm professional environment, which helps the client to feel safe and at ease. The therapist should have everything they need to hand so as to avoid having to leave the room during therapy and phones should be turned off. Some clients may like relaxing music but others prefer no music at all. The therapist must first explain to the client that the initial consultation is a vital part of their
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