Personalised Induction Methods

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A personalised induction will always be more effective The human race may look and behave similarly but actually we are unique. We have very different likes, dislikes and our views and perceptions are very varied. Give a group of people the same book to read and everyone’s opinion of the book and its characters will not be the same. One of the biggest steps for a client is actually admitting that they need help; the next thing for the client is finding the right therapy for them. If they choose hypnosis then it is down to the therapist to give the client their very best care no matter what the problem is. This is why first impressions are important. The way a therapist present themselves and communicates with their client on the first meeting…show more content…
It might be used on a client who has an authoritarian role at work but might not feel they are in control of their life at home. A permissive induction is a soft approach and makes the client feel safe, secure and not pressured. It’s not telling them to do something it is letting them feel like they are in control and that they can do it in their own time. A permissive screed is nurturing and also lets the client be imaginative. When using a permissive induction the therapist can use lots of metaphors, and as long as the client feels safe you can be a little authoritative too. Permissive inductions work well if the client wants to improve in something whether it’s at work or at a sport, thought you might have to work on self-esteem issues…show more content…
Erickson were both born around the same time in the 1900’s; they both have equal stature in hypnosis. They practiced different methods thought Elman believed in authoritarian, while Erickson believed in permissive. Dave Elman saw what affects hypnosis had on his father, his father died of cancer when Dave Elman was eight years old. His father’s friend knew of hypnosis and applied this to Dave Elman’s father as pain relief. As a teenager Dave Elman found that one of his strengths was to entertain people he could also play the saxophone and the violin. While entertaining he used hypnosis in his routine but this was short lived. He went on to write his own songs and do radio shows he worked with many celebrities and arranged charity

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