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Someone or something that has made me who I am today There are many situations and people that have made me who I am today. But the people who have influenced me the most are my parents. The things they have taught me are values/ morals, how to always be hard working and how to be confident. Throughout my college career I have met many people who have different morals and values than what I have learned. My parents have taught me right from wrong in many of ways from not to lie, to treat others like you want to be treated and to respect your elders with respect as well. With these morals and values that my parents taught me, my life will be easier to stay on a straight and narrow path for what is going to happen in the future. My parents have worked all their life to supply and support the family the decided to have and they have instilled that into me for when the time comes when I decide to have a family and I want to support my family like my parents did for me and to make sure they succeed in life like I am. My parents have pushed me to make sure to stay in school and get a degree because back then it wasn’t the “thing” to do. My parents went to some college but ended up getting jobs and starting a life. They have also instilled into me to finish school and life will be better with a degree and education. My parents told me that confidence doesn’t always have to deal with physical appearance. They also told me to be confident in the choices and decisions I make in life dealing with everyday situations, like going to school, choosing to work and having the confidence in being myself. I’m thankful for my parents helping me go to school because they also helps being confident with yourself seeing people daily, having to speak in classes and exc. My parents have done such a good job in showing me how to present myself, how to act and deal with the

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